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Chairman and decision maker

Stepping into the role of Chairman and Key Decision-Maker, Andrej brings a wealth of experience from various sectors, such as Private Equity, IT, and IoT, and other successful ventures in investment management to the ownership of AB&B Electric Energy Distribution and IT Solutions.

As the Founder-Chairman of Maxima Equity Investment, Andrej spearheads the team in identifying and investing in high-potential companies. His strategic leadership ensures alignment with the company's overarching vision and objectives, and his skills in negotiation and due diligence have allowed the firm to navigate the intricacies of potential investments, culminating in successful acquisitions and strategic partnerships that contribute to the ongoing growth and influence of Maxima Equity. Andrej Bagin's journey is a testament to his commitment to excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the Private Equity and IT landscape.      


As our CEO, Juraj is an accomplished financial professional and visionary with over 15 years of expertise in the financial sector. His proven track record spans private banking, investment advisory, and wealth management, showcasing a deep understanding of the intricacies of the financial landscape.

Previously, Juraj was the thriving force behind Fundraise Capital, a financial services firm specialising in private equity, startups, and fundraising. Juraj successfully led its establishment and growth, providing strategic direction, overseeing all operational facets, and ensuring profitability and sustainable growth.

Juraj's forte lies in building and nurturing relationships with VIP clientele, institutional investors, and key stakeholders, reflecting his commitment to client-centric business practices that have resulted in the acquisition of over 100 million EUR in funds.

Beyond finance, Juraj is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Luxury Palm Bali, specialising in luxury properties, development, and investment opportunities in Bali, Indonesia. Juraj's knack for identifying prime real estate properties has ensured high returns on investment, marking his foray into the world of luxury real estate as equally successful.

Head of Research

Martin is our Head of Research at Maxima Equity and a highly accomplished financial professional with a stellar career spanning over 12 years in Private Equity, Hedge Funding, and Asset Management. Martin's expertise lies in the strategic management of multimillion-dollar portfolios, steering businesses toward growth and success.

As a Co-Founder and Partner at Metrix Capital in Dubai, Martin played a pivotal role in shaping its success, contributing to the management of significant portfolios. His journey also includes a noteworthy stint as a Hedge Fund Manager, overseeing over $25 million in assets. As the Former Managing Director at World Assets Management, Martin's influence extended across the UAE, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Martin is a financial strategist and a relationship builder, cultivating and maintaining strong connections with high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. His commitment to sound risk management strategies ensures a balance between mitigating potential losses and maximizing returns, showcasing a holistic approach to financial leadership.


Evgeny has a wealth of experience in venture capital, spanning over six years. With a proven track record as a Founder, General Partner, and Limited Partner in various organisations, Evgeny is skilled in identifying investment opportunities, managing portfolios, and propelling business growth.

As the Founder and General Partner of N.E.W. VC and Accelerator, Evgeny successfully established and managed a venture capital firm specialising in early-stage investments. Leading a dynamic team, he excelled in sourcing, evaluating, and executing investment opportunities. His strategic prowess was evident in developing and implementing investment strategies to maximise returns and mitigate risks. He played a crucial role in monitoring portfolio companies, contributing to their strategic decision-making processes, and collaborating with other LPs to identify co-investment opportunities. His efforts contributed significantly to the successful exit of several portfolio companies.

In addition to his role at N.E.W. VC & Accelerator, Evgeny served as a Partner at PitchBoot Camp in Switzerland, where he managed a web3 accelerator program supporting over 100 web3 projects. As a mentor and guide to startups, he played a pivotal role in helping them navigate the industry's challenges.